Vision & Mission


Consistent with the philosophy of Christian education, we aim to provide each student with quality all round education, so that our students achieve their maximum potential, behave well, achieve excellent academic results and contribute to our society. Nurtured by caring teachers in a Christian-rich environment, our students can know God’s love, understand the Christian faith and be willing to embrace God.



1.          To provide a varied curriculum based on the Christian faith, which facilitates students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual development.

2.          To help each student develop their potential by adopting a student-centred approach and teaching students according to their needs.

3.          To nurture students’ abilities and their interest in learning so that they are innovative, adaptable and equipped to pursue life-long learning.

4.          To develop students’ self-confidence, sense of responsibility and social skills so that they are willing to assume responsibility and contribute to society and the nation.

5.          To educate students to value their families and develop harmonious interpersonal relationships with others.

6.          To closely cooperate with the Rhenish churches so that students can know God the Creator and can understand, practise and uphold the Christian faith.

7.          To care about each student and help students experience God’s love through sharing teachers’ testimony.

8.          To equip the school campus and provide students with an ideal learning environment.