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Reminders for the application of S.1 Discretionary Places (2024 - 2025)

Reminders for the application of S.1 Discretionary Places (2024 - 2025)
No. of vacancy: 40

Application procedures

  1. Application forms can be obtained during the following period:
    14/10/2023 – 16/1/2024
    Collection of application form:
    2/1/2024 – 16/1/2024
  2. i. The application form can either be obtained from the school’s General Office in person or downloaded from the school's website.
    ii. For parents registered as SSPA e-Platform users and bound their account with “iAM Smart+”,
    apart from the paper Application Form, they may submit DP applications via the SSPA e-Platform.
  3. The following documents have to be submitted to the General Office in person from 2 January 2024 to 16 January 2023 (both days inclusive):
    i. Application form of the S.1 Discretionary Places issued by the Education Bureau
    ii. Application form of the S.1 Discretionary Places issued by our school
    iii. A copy of the P.4 – P.6 school reports (with conduct grade) of the applicant
    iv. A copy of P.6 homework record (October) in the student handbook.
    v. A copy of certificates of extra-curricular activities and awards obtained
    vi. A copy of the HKID card / One-way permit of the applicant (Please bring the original copy for verification)
    vii.Two stamped return envelopes with applicant’s English name and address
    * Please use A4 paper for the copies.
    * Recommendation letters are not required.

Interview arrangement

  1. ALL applicants will receive a letter by Monday 11 March 2024 inviting for an interview on Saturday 16 March 2024. If applicants want to change the interview time or have not received the letter, please ring the General Office on or before Wednesday 13 March 2024. The interview day shall not be changed.
  2. The interview will be conducted in Cantonese and English. Applicants’ language ability, communication ability and conduct will be assessed.

Admission criteria


Assessment items

Weighting (%)

Academic results in primary school and the position in discretionary rank order list (if applicable)




Extra-curricular activities, awards or other skills


Interview performance



Announcement of result
Successful applicants will be notified by letter and phone on Friday 27 March 2024.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Application form, School Prospectus and Rhenish Collage can be downloaded from the links below.