Religious Education

Overall Aims

  • To instill the biblical virtues of faith, hope and love in our students, equipping them to face all difficulties in life, treasure life and love others as well as themselves.
  • To encourage students to know the teachings of Jesus Christ and understand the unflinching love of Lord, thus to place faith in Him and invite God into their life.
  • To help students learn the Bible, the revelation of God, in which to be directed to truth and righteousness.


Features of the School-based Curriculum

  • The textbook A Journey with the Bible is used in junior forms to build a solid foundation through scripture reading. School-based supplementary materials incorporating Christian testimony of people from all walks of life are developed. Through various discussions, positive values and attitudes are cultivated.
  • All senior form students are led by teachers, pastors and leaders from Rhenish Church to form Bible study groups. Interactive discussions are initiated and students support and pray for each other, experiencing the presence and grace of Lord.


Co-curricular Activities

  • Fellowship gatherings are held twice per month at lunchtime, allowing Christians and interested students to gather and know more about Christianity through games and activities. Students also share burdens and pray together, helping and encouraging each other to rely on our Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Gospel Week is held in November to spread the gospel among students. Through a wide range of activities including carnivals and testimony sharing sessions, students experience Christianity interactively, understanding God’s love in the process.


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