Healthy School Programme

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many activities of the Positive Rhenishers Project (Project P.R.) launched last year were cancelled. The Rhenish Buddy Program is initiated this year to continue some of the activities of Project P.R., with the addition of two activities for junior form students, to nurture students the following qualities through different team-building activities:


P:Positive Emotions




R:Positive Relationships




A: Accomplishment


The Rhenish Buddy Program organises meaningful group activities to provide a positive environment on campus in which students grow with their companions together. The four camps in the Rhenish Buddy Program aims at creating unique learning and reflective experience for students at different stages to reinforce their memories and experience. Intensive camps and diversified camping activities provide students with a breathing spell in their hustle and bustle life to devote themselves wholeheartedly to participating in the activities. The S1 Arts Programme has been developed for many years. Due to the high expenditure, the School has considered suspending the Programme. However, with the remarkable results yielded, the School hopes to continue the Programme under the Rhenish Buddy Program to lay a solid foundation for S1 students to be positive and healthy individuals.

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