Life Planning


To empower all students, irrespective of their abilities, orientations and levels of study, to be able to:

1.      understand and integrate their career and academic aspirations into whole-person development and life-long learning;

2.      develop positive attitudes towards work and learning, leading to smooth transition from school to


3.      make informed and responsible choices on their learning, career goals and other aspects in accordance with their interests, abilities and orientations, leading to a meaningful life; and

4.      better prepare for actualizing individuals’ potential through pursuit of their career goals.



  1. School-based materials are based on the ‘Youth Development and Intervention Framework’ and the ‘Guide on Life Planning Education and Career Guidance for Secondary Schools’ issued by the Education Bureau.
  2. Life Planning lessons are implemented through experiential learning with objectives aligned with Life Planning Division.



  1. Visits (to universities, tertiary institutions, companies, career/education expos, etc.)
  2. Seminars
  3. Sharing (by alumni, professionals, parents, etc.)
  4. Career aptitude tests (Career Interest Inventory Test, Holland code Test, etc.)
  5. Simulated social experience activities and card games


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