Life and Society

Overall Aims

The overall aims of Life and Society (S.1 – S.3) are:

• to develop in students a positive self-understanding, enhance competence to meet daily and future challenges, and pursue their goals and aspirations;

• to enable students to make decisions for the optimal use of personal and community resources;

• to develop students to become informed and responsible citizens to contribute to the development of a caring and just society; and

• to cultivate in students sensitivity, interests and concern for local, national and global issues.


Features of the School-based Curriculum

Life and Society (S.1 – S.3) covers the learning elements of Personal and Social Development, Resources and Economic Activities and Social Systems and Citizenship. Accompanied by effective learning and teaching strategies, a school-based curriculum is designed to give students opportunities to acquire foundation knowledge in seven areas, namely, Personal and Social Development, Economy of Hong Kong, Economy of Our Country, Global Economy, Socio-political System of Hong Kong, Socio-political System of Our Country and Global Socio-political System.


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