Wilhelm Louis House

Wilhelm Louis House was named after Pastor Wilhelm Louis and its house colour is green.

In 1856, Pastor Wilhelm Louis was sent to Hong Kong by the German Rhenish Church.

In 1857, the British and French coalition forces entered Guangzhou, and the Western priests moved to Hong Kong.

Pastor Louis went from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and stayed in April. After returning to Hong Kong, He went to the river to visit the church. Then moved to Fuyong (Baoan District) and went to Xinqiao.

In 1861, Pastor Louis married the daughter of the director of the Hong Kong Nursery Hall and stayed in Fuyong.

In 1863, he rented a shop in Nantou for education and mission work.

In 1864, Pastor Louis opened a Bible school in Fuyong, but it was closed shortly.

In 1883, Pastor Louis died of illness in Hong Kong.

In recent years, Wilhelm Louis House won the House of the Year in the 2013-14 school year and the 2016-17 school year respectively.

School Year 2022-2023

House Captains : 4A Yuen Kei Yiu, 5D Limbu Sai Rose

House Vice-Captains: 5C Cheng Lok Ying, 5D Wu Ai Zhen