Features of the School-based Curriculum

S.1 – S.3

• The curriculum includes ensembles, music appreciation and evaluation, music creation, learning of musical instruments, vocal studies and musical theories.

• In order to enhance students’ interest in music and to cater for learner diversity, we develop and implement school-based curriculum which adapts the content so as to enhance students’ music skills.

• Group ensembles, group presentations and band ensembles, etc. are incorporated in lessons to train students’ collaboration skills and to develop their interests and confidence in learning music.


S.4 – S.5 Music and Aesthetic Development

• The curriculum includes pop band performance, classical and pop music composition, music appreciation, music journalism, music arrangement and musicianship, etc..



• The school supports and assists students to choose Music as one of their electives in the HKDSE curriculum, in order to provide opportunities for students to further develop their music talents. 


Rhenish’s Got Talent


• To expose students to arts

• To arouse students’ interests in arts

• To enhance students’ artistic skills and attainment

• To develop students’ learning attitudes and attention


The scheme allows S.1 students to:

• have training in choir performances, musical instruments, drama or dancing which prepares them for performances at school or participating in inter-school competitions;

• have artistic training every Monday after school;

• minimize the cost of learning musical instruments by borrowing the instruments from school or bringing their own musical instruments and only paying for the consumables for specific musical instruments;

• join the school Choir, Orchestra, Drama Club or Dancing Team, and have the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions or performances at school, which broaden their horizons; and

• choose from a wide variety of courses, including English chorus groups, acapella, violin, guitar, clarinet and saxophone, brass, drama and dancing.


Co-Curricular Activities

Regular Instrumental Classes

• Students are trained by professional tutors and have the opportunity to perform and develop an interest in learning music.

• Students are encouraged to join the school orchestra and to sit exams organised by the ABRSM.


Inter-school Competitions

• In order to enhance students’ confidence and to unleash their talents in music, our school encourages and trains students to join competitions such as The Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, joint-school music competitions and other music competitions. 

Concerts and Performances inside and outside school

• Students can enrich their learning experiences in music and broaden their horizons in music by appreciating concerts and performances held inside and outside school. 

• Students are encouraged to join Young Friends organized by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and appreciate performances in music, dancing, drama, etc. during the Hong Kong Arts Festival.