Ferdinand Genähr House

Ferdinand Genähr House is named by Rev. Ferdinand Genähr, it is represented by yellow.

In 1846, The Rhenish Missionary Society sent Rev. Ferdinand Genähr to the East to preach. They started to learn Chinese once they arrived at Hong Kong. They studied three hundred Chinese characters a day and learnt different dialects, Rev. Ferdinand Genähr chose to learn Cantonese.

Later Rev. Genähr moved to Dongguan and Humen to undertake the gospel preaching in Canton region. Dongguan Rhenish Church was the first and largest parish in Guangdong province.

In 1849, Rev. Genähr recruited a group of primary students in Xixiang, and put them in different bible schools according to their aspiration. In 1856, Rev. Genähr moved to Hong Kong with the students after the Second Anglo-Chinese War broke out. Rev. Genähr and his sons died in plague.

School Year 2022-2023 

House Captains: 5B Tang Wai Hei, 5C Yeung Sze Wing

House Vice-Captains: 5A Cheng Lai Ching, 5A Ng Wing Hei