The Counselling Division aspires to nurture students’ confidence, self-discipline, respect for others and commitment through a wide spectrum of structured development programmes, social activities and handling different student cases. These activities also serve as a platform to cultivate students’ sense of autonomy and flexibility in meeting challenges, while enabling them to develop positive attitudes and values as well as strong character. It is also our commitment to inculcate our staff and all stakeholders with student-centered compassion and understanding, encourage them to share our joy through the wonderful work of guidance and counselling and inspire them to work with us in our common endeavuors to bring out from our students a strong sense of belonging to our school.


S.1 Teen Land

S.1 Teen Land is one of our initiatives to enable newcomers to our school to adapt to the exciting yet somehow unfamiliar secondary school life. Through a wide range of events, such as cell groups, adventure camps and voluntary services programmes, it is hoped that S.1 students will quickly develop and exhibit self-discipline, tenacity and readiness to accept and rise to all the challenges that they will inevitably face in the process of growth and development.


S.2 Lead by Sunshine Programme

Through group activities, S.2 Lead by Sunshine Programme enables students to learn positive thinking and develop positive values


S.3 Lead by Love Programme

The S.3 Lead by Love Programme is one of our endeavuors to nurture student leaders who are capable of serving our society through love and care. Through group activities and community services, students will become mature and confident leaders and humble servants with high self-esteem.


S.4 Big Brother and Big Sister Scheme

The Big Brother and Big Sister Scheme aims to nurture all-round and compassionate student leaders who are capable of caring, supporting and guiding S.1 newcomers. Through different well-designed and carefully structured training, workshops on the skills of peer counselling and intensive camps and other activities, they are expected to make an impact and become young leaders with a strong sense of commitment, leadership skills and a positive self-image.