Physical Education

Sports & Arts


We provide an array of sports activities in which students can participate regularly. This helps strengthen their body and soul, and promote a balanced development. Outside class, we organise a myriad of sports activities for the whole school as well as promote inter-class sports competitions. Besides, we invite sports associations to demonstrate different sports including tug-of-war, archery and fencing, with talks on health and sharing sessions from athletes to stimulate students’ interests and to help them cultivate a healthy lifestyle. In particular, we endeavour to introduce students to less accessible sports, such as fencing, archery and skateboarding to broaden their horizons and elevate their personal qualities. We always encourage students to join various activities and competitions. Our goal is to help students not only attain achievements in inter-school competitions, but also lead a healthy lifestyle by self-learning and exercising.

Our school has Basketball Team, Football Team, Badminton Team, Table Tennis Team, Volleyball Team, Athletics Team, Tug-of-War Team, Swimming Team, Cross Country Running Team, Fencing Team, Archery Team, etc., which sharpen students’ sports skills and teamwork through regular practice. All students are encouraged to participate in MVPA60, the School Physical Fitness Award Scheme of the Education Bureau and the sportACT Programme organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in order to enhance their physical fitness and develop their own interests. 

To unleash our students’ artistic talents, we organize diverse co-curricular activities in addition to lessons to cultivate students’ interest in music, visual arts and dramatic arts. We hope that through these activities, students can appreciate different cultures, expand their horizons, and construct personal beliefs.

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