Co-curricular Activities

Our school aspires to provide a wide range of co-curricular activities to allow our students to put their knowledge and skills into practice. From this, students will be able to broaden their horizons, cultivate their interests and actualize their rich potential to showcase their best in whatever endeavors they commit themselves to. By providing them numerous learning opportunities, it is our hope that they will thrive as all-round individuals and enjoy sustained personal growth and leadership development.


Different activities provide a platform to instill our students with positive values, character development and social well-being. These activities also enable them to polish their communication skills whilst working as a team. Students will be able to appreciate morals and ethics, such as obedience, care and love, and fully embrace them in their lives in the long run.


The co-curricular activities offered include uniform groups, interest groups, service teams and school teams.


In addition, Rhenish’s Got Talent is one of the programmes that our school offers to junior form students. It is a multifaceted curriculum that provides opportunities for students to equip themselves with different skills and interests, so as to enrich their other learning experiences and explore their potential.


This programme consists of 5 domains, including Aesthetic Learning, Innovative Technology, Global Language, Team Building, and Physical and Arts Activities. Students will receive systematic training every Monday after school. Whilst the focus of S.1 students is on artistic development, S.2 and S.3 students can join activities of other fields according to their own choice. Throughout the three-year programme, students are equipped with various generic skills in order to lay a solid foundation for their holistic development and keep abreast with the global trends.


Some courses bridge students to the senior form curriculum, including courses such as the school-based Aesthetic lessons, Japanese as an HKDSE elective and ApL courses. Students can demonstrate their learning outcomes through different platforms inside and outside school, building their confidence and self-esteem. Students with outstanding performance will be recommended for further training and may be invited to join our school teams.  



  • Through group and interpersonal activities, we aim to enable our students to develop a strong sense of belonging to our school and a spirit of unity.
  • By participating in different activities, we aspire to nurture students’ self-discipline, sense of responsibility, character and the commitment to serve others.
  • In the process of growth and development, it is our ultimate target that our students, albeit still young and in need of different training, will thrive as leaders with strong leadership competence and communication skills.


Our students are allocated randomly to four Houses upon being admitted to our school. Throughout the years, numerous inter-house competitions have been held. The House with the highest aggregate marks in these competitions is honored with the House of the Year. Through our school’s well-organized activities, it is hoped that students will establish friendships and close bonds with students across different classes and levels, liaise and communicate with others effectively and foster strong team spirit.


The four Houses are Karl Gützlaff House, Ferdinand Genähr House, Wilhelm Lobscheid House and Wilhelm Louis House.