Overall Aims

The overall aims of the Physics curriculum are to enable students to:

  • develop interest in the physical world and maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity about it;
  • construct and apply knowledge of physics, and appreciate the relationship between physical science and other disciplines;
  • appreciate and understand the nature of science in physics-related contexts;
  • develop skills for making scientific inquiries;
  • develop the ability to think scientifically, critically and creatively, and to solve problems individually or collaboratively in physics-related contexts;
  • understand the language of science and communicate ideas and views on physics-related issues;
  • make informed decisions and judgments on physics-related issues;
  • be aware of the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of physics; and
  • develop an attitude of responsible citizenship.


Features of the School-based Curriculum

  • Optics and Heats would be taught in S.3 with a STEM project.
  • Different additional tutorials are organized for public exam classes to cater learner diversity. Public exam results are improving with our elites being admitted to HKU, CUHK and PolyU in these few years.
  • Teaching materials like notes and assignments are refined to nurture students’ habits of self-learning and doing revision.
  • Public exam results are thoroughly analysed and assessment tools are used to examine students’ performance and provide feedback in lessons.
  • Professional development sessions are held for teachers to enhance teaching quality.


Co-curricular Activities

  • Collaborating with STEM education, cross-curricular activities are organised.
  • Students are nominated to join various science activities and competitions including exchange tours, engineering camps and Science Olympics.


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